Terms of Participation

Series 6 Competition – Scan & Win

Our company organizes a competition, which will be held under the following conditions:

  1. The competition will be valid from Saturday, January 1, 2022 until Thursday, September 29, 2022, at 23:59.

  2. Those who are over 18 years old and have a personal e-mail account, which they will use during their participation, have the right to participate in the competition. Employees of the HB BODY Group, their first and second degree relatives, as well as persons incapable of legal action, according to the provisions of the Civil Code are not eligible to participate. If the winners do not meet the conditions set, new ones will be eliminated and selected from the runners-up that will result from each draw.

  3. To participate, users who meet the above conditions, must scan the QR Code on the packaging of Series 6 products, via their smartphone or tablet to go to the contest page. There, participants must complete the corresponding entry form in the draw. Specifically, the necessary data for the participation of everyone are:

    1. Name
    2. Surname
    3. Mail
    4. Country of Residence
    5. City
    6. Address
    7. P.C.
    8. * Specialty (Paint Shop, Bodyshop, Other)

  4. All participants consent to the use of the above information for the purpose of serving the competition. Access to the competition form is possible only by scanning the special QR Code marking.

    The data with an asterisk (*) are mandatory for participation in the tender process.

    The products that have the special marking with the QR Code are the following:

    1. 650 – 1kg
    2. 610 – 1,8kg
    3. 611 – 900g & 1,8kg
    4. 615 – 900g & 1,8kg
    5. 617 – 1kg & 1,8kg
    6. 634 – 800ml
    7. 635 800ml
    8. 607 800ml
    9. 697 – 1L & 5L
    10. 699 – 1L & 5L
    11. 698 – 1L & 5L
    12. 691 – 1L & 5L
  1. Each user is entitled to participate in the contest only once, by submitting his mail and securing a bid in the next draw. Participation in the competition automatically means full and unconditional acceptance of all terms of participation.
  1. All participants will be included in the draw to claim one of the 33 available gift packages. Specifically, three big draws will be held:

    • 1st Draw – May 31, 2022
    • 2nd Draw – August 31, 2022
    • 3rd Draw – November 30, 2022

    Each draw will be attended by users who have validly registered until the day before the date of the draw.

    • Participants from January 1, 2022 until May 30, 2022 will be included in the 1st draw.
    • Participants from May 31, 2022 until August 30, 2022 will be included in the 2nd draw.
    • Participants from June 31, 2022 until November, 2022 30 will be included in the 3rd draw.

    There will be 11 winners in each draw. The first winner of each draw will receive the Spray Gun SATAJET 5000 RP (+ Flow Cup), as well as a Series-6 Gift Kit that will include:
    1. HB BODY Collectible Hat (Black)
    2. Series 6 Polo Shirt
    3. HB BODY Paint Suit
    4. HB BODY Lanyard

At the same time, the next 10 winners of each draw will receive a Series-6 Gift Kit respectively.

  1. Each winner must have a valid entry to receive their prize. The winners will receive their prizes after communication via e-mail they have stated during the participation process with the organizing company.
    In addition, each draw will select an additional five (5) runners-up.
  1. Winners will have to confirm acceptance of the prize by replying to the mail they will receive up to 7 days after sending. If the winner does not respond within the specified time, the prize will be given priority to the next winner, based on the order of the draw.

  2. Gifts are personal, non-transferable and non-negotiable. The gifts are provided in the condition they are in and any application of the provisions of the Civil Code on seller liability or other provisions, from which any liability of the organizing company for real defects or agreed qualities arises is expressly excluded. Similarly, the company is relieved of any liability of a civil or criminal nature to any third party, winner or not, for any accident, damage or injury caused to them and is related in any direct or indirect way to the gifts.

  3. The personal data of the participants are collected and kept in a file and processed by the organizing company. The purpose of the collection, preservation and processing of personal data by the company is to support the necessary activities within the framework and only for the purposes of the competition. The personal data of the participants will be kept by the organizer and will be used for the purposes of the competition, as well as for the verification of the details of the winners, the return of prizes to them, etc., but also for their information (any sending of information e-mails or promotional material, if requested by the participant, etc.). HB BODY SA reserves the right to announce the names of the winners and to post their photos or videos upon delivery of the prizes, on Social Media & on the official website www.hbbody.com. The participants explicitly consent to this publication by participating in the competition. In any case, each participant has the opportunity, after contacting the organizing company via e-mail to request the deletion, correction or change of the file that concerns him.

  4. HB BODY A.E. reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms of participation, to vary the prizes offered, to extend or shorten the duration of the competition, to change the number of draws or even to unilaterally cancel the draw, informing the public with a relevant announcement, which will posted on the official website of the company. In case of interruption of the action, the obligation of the company is limited to the simple announcement of the interruption in any appropriate way. With the publication of the relevant announcement, the action will be automatically terminated and no interested party will be entitled to request its continuation or to raise any claim of any nature for this reason.

  5. These terms will be posted throughout the action on the official website of the company (www.hbbody.com.gr) and on the page of Series 6 (www.series-6.com)
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