How to Create Marketing Slicks

You’ll also want to make sure that the sell sheet matches your company’s unique branding. Keeping your marketing slick up to date and distributing it widely and frequently is the key to maximizing its impact. Be sure to track how people are responding and make changes as needed to improve the results. A compelling marketing slick can be an incredibly useful tool for any business. Finally, end by reiterating your passion for the work you do and your desire to build a long-term partnership. Let them know you’re there to provide value and help them achieve their key business goals.

Depending on the effect you wish to achieve, advertisers can design slicks that display either heavy or light graphics and colors. Advertisers use glossy paper for printed slicks, hence the name “slicks.” Now that you’ve structured your business plan and created your initial product or service, you’ve come to the most important stage; Selling your idea.

This sell sheet from Dole has several colorful, attractive images of the product it’s promoting. It has different pictures of the various kinds of packaging and other relevant products Dole offers for its sliced peaches. In the early stages, it can be difficult to build a strong relationship with your customers. Or you might not have references to use on your sales sheet. Try to reach out to some of the professionals who know your product and were satisfied with the results.

  1. In this article, we’ll break down the concept of marketing slicks to help you understand what all the hype is about.
  2. Try to reach out to some of the professionals who know your product and were satisfied with the results.
  3. Ask past customers to share their experiences of working with
  4. You can use a mix of photos, videos, links and long-form content to engage and delight your followers.
  5. Your main image is the largest element of your sales sheet, which means that this needs to a be a great image.

Or, sell sheet brochures sat gathering dust in lobbies and reception desks, or were handed out at conferences haphazardly to anyone willing to take one. A sell sheet may well be the first piece of branded content someone encounters from your business. The days of six-panel brochures are long gone; here’s how to create and send winning sell sheets using Proposify. An effective slick will include one or more calls-to-action, telling the reader what to do next to learn more, buy now or sign up. This could be visiting a website, calling a phone number, or mailing in a card. The CTA should be prominently placed, often at both the beginning and end of the piece.

Potential customers will see that you know what you’re
doing and can even talk to some of your past customers to get their honest
feedback. We do not provide lists of phone numbers nor do we access or share our users’ contact lists. To learn more about https://simple-accounting.org/ our stance on spam and data privacy, view our anti-spam and privacy policies. We offer a handful of options for sending and receiving text messages. We can work to provision a short code on your behalf or secure you a toll free or local number as well.

Whether it’s booking a demo, scheduling a call, or directing them to further content, a CTA is the critical prod your prospects need to keep things moving in the right direction. With Proposify, you can start with one of our proposal templates or create a fresh template from scratch. This way, each time you need to create or edit a sales sheet, you can duplicate it easily. Rather, they’re sales assets that remain fairly constant across audiences. Input forms and backend tracking ensures dynamic CTAs and real-time tracking showing when your prospect views your sell sheet, and what they spend the most time reading. It’s easy to create a winning sell sheet that your prospects will love receiving, viewing, and interacting with.

Content marketing is the process of creating blogs, white papers, videos, infographics and other forms of media to attract customers. It often goes hand in hand with SEO marketing, which attempts to optimize pages so that they rank higher in search results. Marketing encompasses every part of a plan to turn a prospective consumer into a happy and satisfied customer.

Appealing Data Visualization

The images the company uses are engaging without being abrasive. In this guide, we’ll explore what goes into a sell sheet and how you can create one document that seals the deal. The federal government was one of the first organizations to recognize the value of plain language writing. First introduced in 1998, the Securities & Exchange Commission’s A Plain English Handbook remains a classic reference for how to simplify jargon. The government has since made plain language a priority with the passage of the Plain Writing Act in 2010. Xtensio is your team space for beautiful living documents.Create, manage and share business collateral, easily.

An Attention-Grabbing Headline That Sticks

Creating a more interactive experience engages the customer in larger ways than just having a verbal discussion. You can opt for illustrations or pictures with relevant data to convince the buyer to make a purchase. If you have a brand mascot, you can include that visual as well. If your sell sheet is strictly text, it won’t be anywhere near as convincing. Prospects need to visualize themselves leveraging the product.

Create a document that showcases how your company is
different from your competitors and explains the benefits of working with you. Make sure to stick with the top three to five things your target market cares
about. what is a marketing slick Marketing is a complex and in-depth tool you can use to promote your business. When done right, you can benefit from increased sales, improved reputation and brand awareness and better customer retention rates.

Are You Exhausting Your Sales Team? How to Use Content to Attract Leads

Check out our list of the best email marketing software to compare our favorite tools for developing email campaigns. Still, there are some guidelines you can reference to ensure that you’re including the necessary information in your sell sheet and conveying it convincingly. A sell sheet is always designed with intention — this is where that intention is expressed.

List of your products or services

There are some key design elements every well-crafted sell sheet needs. However, it’s in your best interest to incorporate at least some of these components — all customized with your company’s branding. A sell sheet is a one-pager that lays out exactly what your product can offer. My sell sheet would include how my team provides the service, the benefits of our program, and the cost of working with us.

It involves sending promotional materials such as postcards, brochures or flyers to potential customers you’ve identified through market research. For example, they might live in your store’s neighborhood, or they might have abandoned their shopping cart on your website. After you’re done putting all of your content in the sales sheet, it’s time to review. Before you share this document with multiple people you want to make sure it looks professional and tells the right story.

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