BODY 640

Special anticorrosive cavity wax oil with sound-deadening properties. It can be applied to all closed parts (doors, bonnet, running boards) and the external underbody of the vehicle. Easy penetration, resistant to high temperatures.

BODY 650

Underbody material with sound deadening / sealing properties, optimum covering ability and excellent adhesion. Suitable for both the external underbody and internal parts of the car body. Can be overpainted.

BODY 691

High-build, 2K Ultra HS 2:1 clear coat with great levelling, high gloss, and superior coverage. Easy to apply for all types of refinishing (partial, full, and spot repair). Use with Hardeners for Topcoats H752 SLOW, H753 NORMAL, H754 FAST.

BODY 697

2K HS 2:1 clear coat with high gloss and fast hardening properties. Use with Hardener BODY 620 or Hardener for Topcoats H752 SLOW, H753 NORMAL, H754 FAST.

BODY 698

A 2K HS clear coat, with excellent leveling and high gloss, long-lasting protection. Easy to apply due to its high viscosity formula. Fast hardening properties for spot panels and complete automotive repairs.

BODY 699

2K HS acrylic transparent clear coat. Its high gloss retention, excellent leveling, and fast hardening properties make it suitable for spot panels and full automotive repairs.

BODY 610

2K UNIVERSAL polyester-based filler that spreads smoothly. Suitable for all kinds of repairs. Ideal for application on metal, wooden, and polyester surfaces.

BODY 611

2K Multi polyester-based filler appropriate for use on all metallic and wooden surfaces. An excellent filler that spreads smoothly, giving a pinhole-free finish.

BODY 615

2K fiberglass polyester filler for bridging and filling of cavities. Also suitable for filling over corroded substrates. Resulting in a highly resistant surface. Sand with P80-P120 grit paper.

BODY 617

2K Fiberglass polyester filler for bridging and filling holes and rust. Easier to apply compared to the classic fiber fillers. It Dries quickly and is easy to sand with P80 – P120 grit paper. Provides a highly resistant surface.

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